Auto Greases



Name Description
CREST Endura EP Grease High performance, multi-purpose, extreme pressure lithium grease. Suitable for wheel bearings, Chassis points, Universal joints, Water pump bearings, Generator bearings, Cables & throttle linkages, King-pin front suspension joints, Spring shackles, Steering & transmission joints, Industrial bearings, gear-box and joints lubrication
CREST Endura WR Grease Premium Water-Resistant, Marine Duty grease which contains extreme pressure additives, corrosion inhibitors and special polymer to enhance its adhesion.
CREST Molitec EP Grease High performance, high temperature and water resistant “Lithium Moly”grease, for slow moving heavily loaded bearings subject to shock loads. The combination of molybdenum disulphide and graphite gives extra protection in applications with slow moving or oscillating bearings
CREST Moliplus Grease Top performance high temperature and water-resistant Lithium-complex Moly grease for slow moving heavily loaded large bearings subject to shock loads