Cleaners & Polishes


Name Description Quantity
Dashboard Polish
Renews dashboard with a long-lasting medium shine. Makes dashboard surface gleam without creating oily effect and causing reflections on the windscreen 12 x 400ml Aerosol Can
CREST Tyre Polish

Easy and quick to apply. Non-oily, non-sticky & uniform shine on tyre. Lasts over numerous washes. Prevents cracking against atmospheric and chemical agents

12 x 400ml Aerosol Can
CREST Multipurpose Polish Protective Polish for Automobile interiors & exteriors, forming protective UV and anti-deposit barrier on exterior plastics. Easy and quick to apply. Creates a “silk” effect on interior plastics and leather 12 x 500ml Trigger Spray
CREST Bodywork Paint Restorer Premium formula to restore bodywork paints. Polishes and deoxidises all types of paint. Essential for intensive care of extremely deteriorated, dull or rough paintwork 12 x 500ml Trigger Spray
CREST Shampoo-wax
  • Universal applications in Cars, Boats, Motorcycles and Farm / workshop Machinery
  • Effectively biodegradable
  • Do not contain Hydrocarbon solvents
  • Don’t come under “Dangerous Goods classification”
  • Leaves protective wax layer and shine on treated surface
  • Suitable on metal, synthetic material, painted surfaces, aluminium and rubber
500 ml or above Spray /Spouted bottle
CREST Medi Hand Cleaner
  • Gel hand cleaner based on skin friendly components
  • Cleans, moisturises and protects skin
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Developed for removing lubricants, paint, varnish, ink, tar, bitumen and glue etc
500 ml or above Spray /Spouted bottle