Compressor Oils


Name Characteristics Performance Standards/Approvals
CREST Unicomp M32

High Performance Ashless technology Oil for Rotary (Screw and Vane type) and Reciprocating Air Compressors with maximum discharge temperature of upto 220°C. May also be used as ashless technology hydraulic oil with DIN 51524 part 2 standard DIN 51506: VBL, VCL and VDL
CREST Unicomp M46

CREST Unicomp M68

DIN 51524: Part 2 HLP
CREST Unicomp M100

AFNOR NFE 48-603 category HM
CREST Unicomp M150

Vickers I-286-S
CREST Ultracomp S32

Fully Synthetic Ash-free compressor oil for Rotary Screw compressors (ISO-VG 32, 46 & 68) including the critical Hydrovane and reciprocating compressors (ISO-VG 100) & vacuum pumps. Allowed for incidental food contact ISO 6743-3A-DAJ
CREST Ultracomp S46

DIN 51506: VDL
CREST Ultracomp S68

NSF H2 for food industry
CREST Ultracomp S100