Gas Engine Oils


Name Description Performance Standards/Approvals
CREST Pegasis LA 40

High performance ashless natural gas engine oil, designed to promote reliable crankcase, intake and exhaust port clean performance in 2-Stroke . It also offers high performance protection to high speed, high output, turbocharged 2-Stroke and selected 4-Stroke natural gas engines operating at full capacity under severe conditions and over extended maintenance intervals AJAX, Caterpillar, Clark-Dresser, Cooper Bessemer, Dresser-Rand, FairbanksMorse/MEP, Waukesha VR and Intermediate/Clinton, Worthington
CREST Pro-Pegasis LA 40
CREST Pro-Pegasis LA 30
Ultimate Performance, Low Ash Gas Engine Oils with premium base oil technology. Offer reliable oxidation and nitration resistance, which helps reduce the build-up of insolubles and promotes long oil and filter service life. Low phosphorus formulation assists compatibility with NSCR (non selective catalytic reduction) emissions reduction systems API: CD/CF (obsolete)
Ajax 2-Stroke
Clark Dresser 2-Stroke
Delaval Enterprise
Dresser-Rand Category I, II and III
Fairbanks Morse/MEP 2-Stroke
Worthington 2-Stroke & 4-Stroke
GE Jenbacher TA 1000-1109 Type 2, 3, 4 & 6 (version E and from version F) engines equipped with and without catalyst in Fuel A applications (SAE 40 only)
MAN Otto-gas and duel fuel operation
MWM Technical Circular 0199-99-2105 group up to 0.5% sulphated ash (SAE 40 only)
Wärtsilä Gas engines and dual fuel engines with natural gas as main fuel (SAE40 only)
Waukesha Cogeneration application (SAE 40 only)
Waukesha SG 175/220 (formerly provided by Wärtsilä, SAE 40 only)