Industrial Gear Oils


Name Characteristics Performance Standards/Approvals
CREST Unigear M68

Exceptional performance, Energy-saving industrial gear oils to offer excellent lubrication and gear protection & performance AGMA 9005 D94EP (150-3200 grades)
CREST Unigear M100

Bosch Rexroth, Boston Gear, David Brown
CREST Unigear M150

Danieli, FAG, Falk, Lenze, Wartsila
CREST Unigear M220

GM LS-2 verification upon request (ISO VG 150, 220, 320 & 460)
CREST Unigear M320

Minter Machine Company, Rexnord-Stephen
CREST Unigear M460

Mueller Weingarten
CREST Unigear M680

US Steel 224 (150-680 grades)
CREST Unigear M1000

Morgan Construction
CREST Unigear HD 68

Premium Performance, Long-life synthetic gear oils developed for the lubrication of all kinds of heavy loaded toothed gearings and worm wheel gears, especially in applications with high temperatures. ISO 12925-1 Type CKD specification.
CREST Unigear HD 100

CLP DIN 51517 part 3
CREST Unigear HD 150

ANSI/AGMA 9005-D94 specification.
CREST Unigear HD 220

US Steel 224, 222, 223 specification.
CREST Unigear HD 320

Flender AG requirements, Timken OK Load >70 Lbs
CREST Unigear HD 460

David Brown type H specification
CREST Unigear HD 680

FZG geartest > 12
CREST Unigear HD 1000

AGMA 250.04 EP/9005-D94