product-img-2CREST offers an exceptional range of Automotive Lubricants, Auto-Care Products, Industrial Lubes & Specialities and Marine Lubes. From the latest-technology synthetic products to tried-and-tested mainstream lubricants, each of our product families is designed to help make it easy for you to select the best products for your needs.

CREST Oil Products was created by a nucleus of industry specialists with a collective experience of many years working for major oil companies. Our vision is to harness new technology and with the expertise of our chemists provide the correct lubricant for each application. It is just a matter of knowledge. CREST branded products undergo the extensive quality control process as per the International Quality practices and standards

Automotive Oils & Auto-Care Products:

product-img-3CREST offer 1-stop supply solution for the World Class Quality Automotive Oils & Greases and Auto-Care products, with continued focus on High Quality & Cost-effective Sales Proposition to Customers & Channel Partners. Our Automotive product line-up conforms to the Global Performance standards such as API, ILSAC, ACEA and JASO.



Industrial Lubes & Specialities:

product-img-1Our comprehensive range of world-class Industrial lubricants deliver the performance you need in every application, including the most demanding and capital intensive, where leading edge lubrication technology is vital.

From gear oils to grease and further to the metal-working fluids, our standard and high performance lubricants can help your equipment run smoothly, even in the most difficult environments, and for long periods of time – giving you improved reliability.

Discover our world-class CREST Industrial range:
Bio lubricants
This product category includes biodegradable hydraulic, gear, and other lubricants as well as a range of greases and concrete mould release agents. High performance, long life, low toxicity and bio-degradability are key factors within this product category.
Compressor, vacuum and refrigeration fluids
A comprehensive range of gas and refrigeration compressor fluids providing long life and low maintenance costs in combination with high efficiency. The range consists of mineral, and synthetic (hydro treated, PAO, POE, Alkyl Benzenes, Di-Ester, Ester, PAG, PFPE) based lubricants with a performance up to 12,000 hour drain intervals.
Food grade lubricants
A complete range of fluids, lubricants and greases for applications whenever a food grade lubricant is required. The high performance CREST Foodline range is NSF and InS approved and includes a range of spray cans.
Industrial specialty products
This product category includes a range of specialty chain lubricants, gear oils, transformer oils and many more products. All the products exceed performance expectations contributing to lower maintenance costs.
Greases and pastes
An extensive range of specialty greases and pastes, including polyurea, calcium sulphonate, aluminium, barium, silicon, inorganic and PFPE. By using the latest technology and materials we are able to provide high performance and problem solving products.
Metal Working Fluids & Rust Preventatives
This line of products include the latest technology soluble metal working fluids, neat cutting oils, cold and hot forging, quenching, drawing and stamping products.
Specialty base oils and dispersions
These base oils are used in the formulation of metalworking fluids, biodegradable hydraulic fluids, top tier 2 stroke engine oils, mould release agents and many more. They include DTO, TOFA and various types of esters. Another range include both technical and pharmaceutical white oils. The CREST line of D-MAX colloidal dispersions contain products based on graphite, MoS2, PTFE and Boron Nitride (hBn). These can be used as additives, lubricants and processing products.

Marine Lubes:
At CREST Marine Products, we offer a complete range of high performance Marines Lubes and specialities for ocean going tankers to small fishing boats globally.
We offer multipurpose lubricants designed to simplify on-board inventories and some specialist products, as well as well as the value added services to help you maximise the value of these products.