Service & Maintenance


Name Description Quantity
CREST Glass Cleaner The most advanced technology cleaner to quickly remove dirt, grime, insects, tree sap and contaminants from the windscreen. Delivers streak-free no-haze perfect clarity and ultimate cleaning Pack Size: 12 x 500ml Trigger Spray
CREST Screenwash & De-icing concentrate

Top Quality, concentrated, universal screen wash, de-icer and lubricant, designed to clean and remove frost from the windscreen and to stop the windscreen wipers from juddering. Special additives protect the windscreen and spray nozzles from freezing-up

Pack Size: 1L x 12 & 4L x 4
CREST Brake Cleaner Quickly removes brake dust, brake fluid, grease, oil and other contaminants from brake & clutch systems 12 x 400ml Aerosol Can
CREST Carburettor Cleaner Dissolves gum, lacquer and deposits in the carburettor as well as the air intake manifold. 12 x 400ml Aerosol Can
CREST Universal Penetrating Oil High Quality Fluid to free, lubricate, displace moisture and protects against corrosion. Excellent penetrating properties to quickly loosen rusted bolts, nuts and other connections 12 x 400ml Aerosol Can
CREST Chain Lube Premium Quality moisture-repellent lubricant with outstanding adhesive & penetration power for vital pins and bushes to enhance the chain and sprocket life. It leaves a durable thin coating on the external side plates and rollers, offering outstanding protection, while resisting the tendency to fling off, even at high speeds. 12 x 400ml Aerosol Can
CREST Chain Cleaner Quickly dissolves oil, grime and dirt on chains. Can also be used on all vehicle engines, parts and even the garage floor. Safe for use on electrical and ignition systems. 12 x 400ml Aerosol Can
CREST Motorbike Cleaner Ready-to-use: Easy & fast to apply. Dissolves grease, oil, petrol, mud and dead insects in seconds. Restores original shine. High quality, safe product; used by racing teams 12 x 500ml Trigger Spray
CREST Helmet Cleaner Exceptional cleaning of Crash Helmet interiors. Sanitises and cleans helmets. Contains odour-proof disinfectants. Ideal for motorbike rental companies, long-haul bikers and professional racers. Avoids routine cleaning of the helmet 12 x 400ml Aerosol Can