Trunk Piston Engine Oils


Name Characteristics TBN SAE
Magnaline T5040

Premium Performance crankcase oils for large trunk piston engines. It is particularly designed to withstand high oil stress and has been optimised with the deposit control formula 50 40
Magnaline T4040

40 40
Magnaline T3040

30 40
Magnaline T3030

30 30
Magnaline T2040

Premium Performance Cylinder & system oils for medium speed trunk piston engines operating on distillate fuels and are particularly recommended to solve the cylinder liner lacquering problem 20 40
Magnaline T2030

20 30
Magnaline T1040

Premium Performance cylinder & system oils designed for the most severe service of main propulsion and auxiliary trunk piston engines using GO and MDO. They also perform satisfactorily in smaller high-speed engines of fishing fleets that operate under difficult conditions and have small oil sumps 13 40
Magnaline T1030

13 30
Magnaline T1020

13 20