Turbine Oils


Name Characteristics Performance Standards/Approvals
CREST Turbox T32

High Performance Turbine oils formulated with highly-refined base oil and additives for steam, Gas and Hydel Turbine General Electric GEK 28143b – Type I (ISO 32), GEK 28143b – Type II (ISO 46), 46506E
CREST Turbox T46

Siemens – Westinghouse 21T0591 & PD-55125Z3
CREST Turbox T56

DIN 51515 Part 1 & 2, ISO 8068, JIS K2213 Type 2, BS 489-1999
CREST Turbox T68

ASTM D4304, Type I, Siemens/Mannesmann Demag 800037 98
CREST Turbox T100

Solar ES 9-224W Class II, GEC Alstom NBA P50001